Dr. Hennen's Urinary Support


Focused from the bladder down, Dr. Hennen’s Urinary Support is made
using the latest clinical research and material science, which is patented
and trademarked for maintaining urinary tract health.*

Dr. Hennen’s Urinary Support contains PreforPro®, which is proven to support
the growth of a broad spectrum of beneficial probiotic species while crowding out
undesirable bacteria. We’ve also included Pacran®, a highly concentrated cranberry
extract. Cranberry extract has long been used as a natural recovery agent for UTI, and
has been shown to contribute to healthy bacteria balance in the gut.* When this
balance is right, the gut and urinary tract receive great benefit.*

An infection in the urinary tract can be painful, inconvenient, and make you feel poorly.
Sometimes, your body may need some extra support in maintaining wellness in this
critical area. Our Urinary Support formula is designed to provide that support.*