Dr. Hennen's Strong Mind & Body


Life is fast-paced and demanding, and your mind and body need to be strong to
keep up. Dr. Hennen’s Strong Mind & Body blends premium, natural ingredients
with the latest science to boost your mood and support your body’s performance.*

The energy from B Vitamins and positive mood effects of Niacin can help counteract the
effects of stress.* Along with ingredients like GABA, St. John’s Wort, Ashwagandha,
Chamomile and 5-HTP, Dr. Hennen’s Strong Mind & Body can support feelings of energy,
positivity, and relaxation, as well as reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome
(PMS) in women.*

GABA may also support lean muscle and fat burning.* Magnesium and B Vitamins play
a role in metabolic function, as does Calcium.