Actually, it’s not “about us.” It’s about helping others.

We believe that every life matters tremendously and have dedicated Cell-IQ to making life-changing products. We refuse to compromise on product purity, quality, safety, efficacy, or affordability. We measure “success” in the difference our products make in human lives.  We would love to hear your story!


At Cell-IQ, we have worked hard to create:


Extraordinary Products

Our advanced science unlocks each body’s natural capacity for vibrant health, to help the body naturally achieve wellness from within. 

A Caring Culture

We dedicate 5% of our profits and time to helping the desperately needy. We are passionate about helping those recovering from addiction, those who struggle with autism, and the current crisis of refugees.

Incomparable Opportunities

We love working together! There are amazing opportunities for like-minded customers, affiliates, philanthropists, and employees to further the cause and make a difference.


Meet the Cell-IQ Team

David Warren  |  Chief Executive and Marketing Officer

A seasoned executive, David Warren directs Cell-IQ’s overall business. A Harvard MBA with over 30 years’ experience leading and advising concerns ranging from start-ups to multi-billion dollar enterprises (including a $500 MM nutritional supplement company), in the Americas, Asia, and Europe, David’s expertise in strategy, innovation, marketing, management, and entrepreneurship are put to good use in leading Cell-IQ’s fine team.


Dr. William Hennen  |  Chief Science Officer

With a Ph.D. in Bio-organic and Medicinal Chemistry, post-doctoral specializations in enzymatic and hormonal processes, nearly four decades’ experience in natural drug and nutritional supplement design, over 40 substantial publications, and a reputation for “next gen” products that address issues at their root, Dr. Hennen is widely known as a leading supplement scientist. Having led the development of transfer factor products since the 1990s, with estimated sales exceeding $3 billion, Dr. Hennen is also revered, by many, as the “father” of transfer factor supplementation.


Scott Eliason   |  Chief Financial Officer

Overseeing all accounting and finance functions for Cell-IQ, Scott brings a broad range of experience extending from small high tech companies to Fortune 100 corporations. He has an extensive background in the health and wellness arena having spent half of his career directing the accounting operations for a large global nutraceutical company doing business in over 70 countries. Scott believes in living a life of wellness and making a difference in the lives of others. He is a licensed CPA, CGMA and holds both an Accounting and MBA degree from the University of Utah.


Ben Pollock  |  Co-Founder

An attorney with a juris doctor degree from Penn State, Ben Pollock is also a skilled and successful online entrepreneur. Drawing on proven expertise in the unique combination of jurisprudence, high-tech commerce, and supply-chain management, Ben has kept us on track, legally and operationally—making sure that we keep our promises. His passion for delivering products on time, on spec, and on budget while working closely with all key parties, and his unique competence in innovating product solutions that achieve the highest standards of performance and compliance make Ben an invaluable member of the team!



Cell-IQ Values



We strive to serve all with kindness, generosity, and respect. 


We are obsessed with using advanced science to deliver cell-based solutions for vibrant, natural health.


We will not compromise quality for profit. It’s no accident that our products work shockingly well.