Dr. Hennen's Mind & Body Balance


Dr. Hennen’s Mind & Body Balance for Women is formulated with the latest
science, to help every woman reap the physical, mental and emotional benefits
of a balanced and supported hormonal system.*

Our proprietary Body and Hormone Balance Blend is designed to support a woman’s
unique wellness needs. Ingredients like Chasteberry, Red Clover, Squaw Root, Soy
Isoflavones, Yam, and Trans-Resveratrol support fewer hot flashes, better sleep,
improved energy and libido, thicker hair, and reduced discomfort from PMS. They also
provide support for healthy blood sugar control, reduced cravings, and more!*

Nothing enhances physical wellness like a positive outlook. With Sage, Dong Quai, St.
Benedict’s Thistle, and Red Raspberry, Dr. Hennen’s special blend supports healthy
function of the mind and a calm, positive mood, just for women.*